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Thank you for your consideration to change a life!!

Dignity Alliance is a not for profit, 501c3 designated organization, which means all donations are tax exempt. 


We are also a Qualifying Charitable Organization for the Dollar-for-Dollar tax credit program for all Arizona tax payers.  Making a donation to Dignity Alliance is a tax credit, not an off-set, for Arizona taxes.  Use form 321, QCO Code 22134.

Our services are provided to those that need them strictly through charitable donations and sponsors.  While intensive trauma treatment is expensive, time consuming, and usually a red flag for supervisors or insurance companies, Dignity Alliance provides private and immediate results.  We are hopeful that individuals needing services can receive them free of charge or at a reduced rate by offsetting costs through sponsors.

ART costs $200 per session.  While that may initially seem steep, please consider the price of inpatient mental health treatment, substance abuse IOP, missing days of work due to debilitating anxiety and depression, medication to treat symptoms of PTSD, co-pays for months or years of talk therapy, and so on.  One session... that's the average amount of necessary sessions!  One session to resolve symptoms of trauma.

Below is a testimonial from a woman who desperately wanted to return to work.  After missing months of work and almost losing her position, she returned with confidence after one ART session.

“I sought counseling to get some help and get back in the right mindset. Counseling was going great, however I needed to return to work from extended leave. My goal was to get to a place in which I could handle responding calmly or professionally when asked about my leave.  I would strongly recommend ART therapy for those lacking time or looking for quicker results than normal counseling sessions."

- Tarah (36)

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